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UPDATE, JAN. 26, 2024

In 2024, we will be launching a new website called KJV Code that allows you to quickly research and share all the major patterns revealed so far. Once caught up with inputting everything, it will be updated regularly with all the latest discoveries that seem worthy enough to include. It will also include the ability to sign up for a free account where you can rate patterns and leave comments. If you are subscribed to this Support page, we will email you with further details on a Beta test. Check our Telegram for more updates.


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Future projects we have in mind:

  • A website to display critical differences in Bible translations
  • A gospel-focused video with the latest discovery (To be revealed soon)
  • A "Bible challenge" video series made for families or individuals looking to test and grow their knowledge of the scriptures
  • Opening a "salvation" phone line for anybody to get in touch regarding God, Jesus, the Bible, and how to be saved
  • Anything the Lord lays on our hearts!


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