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Beta test for KJV Code: Wednesday February 28


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John Lennox is a Oxford Mathematician and Christian. How cool it would be for him to give a 4 or 5 star review of the website. He needs the first and last words of the first and last verse pattern from the Concorde Cambridge edition of the AV1611... it's just a few town's over from Oxford Oxford John. What are the chances of this pattern, is it calculable?

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Wanda Waits

I find this pattern in the KJB so fascinating and encouraging! I don't know how many of the Sealed by the King books I have mailed out to people via Amazon, and I have 3 sitting here in my office waiting to give out. There is never a more appropriate time for this to come out than in our fallen world of today! People need to get excited for Christ's return, and find Him before it's too late!

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Do you still have one of those books still?

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Awesome can’t wait. Recently came across this pattern. The first wedding takes place in Genesis 2:22 the Bible says God “brought her unto the man”. The word wedding is found exactly 7 times in the Bible (Matthew 22:3; 22:8; 22:10; 22:11; 22:12; Luke 12:36; Luke14:8) In Matthew 22:2 “The Kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son.” If you add all the verse numbers in Chapter 22 together that has the word wedding vs vs 3+8+10+11+12=44 (22x2). The verses in Luke also add up to 44= 36+8. The last time the word marriage is used in the scriptures is Revelation 19:9 where it speaks of the “the marriage supper of the Lamb”. The definite article “the” in that phrase is word 222 in that chapter. The Bible ends at Revelation 22:21. The book of Song of Solomon is the 22 book of the Bible. Jesus performed his first miracle in John 2. In John 2:2 Jesus and his disciples are called to the wedding in John 2:22 we see his resurrection remembered. I am sure there is more to this still dwelling on it maybe you all can add to my thoughts.

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Thank you and I await hearing back from you brother, your brother Craig Hebert

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I have really been praying for you guys. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in 2022. I haven't been working, so I can help him. Financially God has been taking care of me and my needs but I don't have a lot left over. When I'm able to work again (soon I hope) I will support you financially too! I'm looking forward to all God is revealing! Sincerely Tenia

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Hello Brandon. I have been trying to contact you again but have not been able to do so, it's like an entity on the Net stopping our communication. I think you remember me and our brief communication by Email. Would love to have contact again. Looking forward to Beta testing. Blessings to you and your family. Many Blessing to your Ministry.

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God bless you brother we give Our Heavenly Father thanks for your life , may grace and peace be upon you and your household in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, iam always praying for you and will continue to support your website happily as you need 🙏 ❤️

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God is AMAZING ! glory be to God ❤️ this will be an exceptional tool for so many ways/reasons . May God continue to bless you and your family Branden along with all who assisted you .

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I love the information you have shared. It has excited me so much and a friend I shared this web site with had the same reaction. Only GOD could have written this book. Thank you for giving the people this kind of information.

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I think of those who harvest raw diamonds from the bowels of the earth and then there's YOU who presents the finished, perfected diamonds in all their glory. Brandon, wisdom and strength from the Almighty be yours all your days. Xavier NZ

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Jesus is the Living Word! I've been studying since before the internet and this just brings tears to my eyes. It confirms what I only felt must be true about God's message being beyond corruption and spoken clearly to all His children. I hope the test and further work is proceeding well. I also hope that using the word "code" in a name, will not be an off-put or confused with a book that was written probably 20 years ago, that was full of many errors. May He lead us beside these still waters (that run so deep). His garment (that they gambled for) had no seam- it was all one. Thank you so much, Thomas Hanna

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