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Beta test for KJV Code: Wednesday February 28

Truth is Christ - New Telegram Channel for Q&A, notes, updates, research, previews, etc

EXTRA NOTES: Matthew + Mark + Luke + John / The 7 Pauline Cities / "The Name of Jesus" Chart

EXTRA NOTE: Both Hebrew & Greek Names of "Jesus Christ" SEALED into Revelation 22 of the KJB

New Video: Lots of extra notes, Richard Dawkins vs Jesus Christ

New Video - And an Extra Note for the 1611th Mention of LORD

EXTRA NOTE: Jesus + Way + Truth + Life (John 14:6) = 777+777+777 appearances

New Visual Chart: "Father & Son in the KJB"

Extra Notes: The 39/27 mouth of Joshua

Extra Note: Lord (Capitalized) is the 7th word of the verse in exactly 7×7 verses

Update on revised paperback (Sealed By The King)